ABOUT HKW Consultant

We are an independent
strategic Tax Consultant

HKW Consultant founded by experienced practitioners engaged in tax consulting in Indonesia. HKW Consultant is managed by professionals in fields of taxation and payroll that will help clients to develop their companies. We always strive to provide our clients with the best solution to their tax and payroll matters. With our knowledge and experience in the finance sector, we provide services in the forms of Tax Compliance Services, Individual Income Tax Services, Tax Corporate Services and Payroll Outsourcing Services. We always strive to be trusted and reliable tax consultants in Indonesia to help clients to develop their business and increase their profit.


To be one of trusted consultant in Indonesia which always focused on client’s needs


We are committed to always give the highest quality of service and advice to our clients We always maintain our team’s knowledge with proper coaching and training We provide a reliable insights to our clients beyond taxation, payroll and accounting sector


With our attention to detail, we always ensure to deliver to you our most accurate calculation and advice, relevant to your needs.


By keeping ourselves up to date to the current laws and regulations, we believe we will be your most reliable partner in doing your business.


We are helping you to reduce your cost with trusting us to handle your tax, payroll and accounting system instead of preparing your own team to handle your tax, payroll and accounting system.


We understand there are a lot of matters to deal with in doing your business. Let us be your business partner and we will take care of your tax, payroll and accounting matters for you.