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Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Service is a special service to handle a company’s payroll system. Payroll is a sure thing to do every month to pay the salaries to employees. Payroll process will spend a lot of company time when done by parties who have not been trained to do it. With our background capabilities and resources, your company’s payroll process can be run more efficiently and on time.

Company can run its main function of developing a business, adding value added to be more competitive, reducing operational costs by delegating the task of payroll to our company. Using Payroll Service can avoid leakage of salary information.

Confidentiality of employee information is more secure because it is done by an independent party. Reduce errors because it is done directly by an already skilled team and our inhouse program that has been used by many companies.

SMCO ensures all employee salaries, withholding of Article 21 Income Tax, and BPJS Employment is paid with accurate and timely calculation.


Focus to the main function of the company


Minimize mistake


Confidentially (done by a third party)


Reduce company overhead costs

Up To Date

Programs that update with the latest regulations.


A team of experts in the field of payroll