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Tax Service

Based on Indonesian Tax Regulations, there are many obligations that must be met. Many individual or companies have to pay the tax penalties and interests because they do not catch up the regulation. We focus on the client’s business performance, where nowadays tax issues is the big issue, we are ready to assist the company to fulfill of tax obligations and manage by profesional in order to on time in accordance with the tax provisions. We also educate our clients and giving them a knowledge to identify which transactions are taxable or not taxable. So they can running the operating effectively and efficiently.

As a Company ( PT / CV / Yayasan ) there have tax obligation to submit annual Corporate Income Tax Returns ( SPT Tahunan Badan Form 1771 ). Based on company’s Financial Report, we come to assist and prepare Fiscal Financial Report then filing the Corporate Income Tax Returns to the tax office.

The Indonesian tax regime adopts the worldwide income concept for resident taxpayers. Resident taxpayers are defined as individuals who are domiciled in Indonesia, or stay in Indonesia for more than 183 days in any 12-month period, or are present in Indonesia during a tax year and intending to reside in Indonesia.

Indonesia uses a self-assessment system whereby resident taxpayers will need to file individual income tax returns declaring worldwide income and assets and liabilities annually.

The government of Indonesia finally launched its ambitious tax amnesty program on 18 July 2016. The program’s main aims are to improve tax compliance in Indonesia, boost the government’s tax revenue and encourage the repatriation of offshore assets into Indonesia. Tax amnesty is expected to result in enhanced tax collection next year. Regarding those issue, we are ready to help the taxpayers to identifying your potential tax exposures and providing recommendations for how to minimize the tax exposures.

We will provide general tax consultation related to the currently prevailed tax laws and regulations in Indonesia in written or verbal based on our view and interpretation, especially all matters related to client’s operation business

We will provide practical guidance and explanation based on tax laws and regulations during the audit process. We will also ensure that clients are not subject to receive any unfavorable corrections from tax authorities due to error in the tax administration processes.